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TitleDepartmentCampaign Start DateSalary RangeLocation
.NET DeveloperInformation Technology02/01/2019N/ARichmond, VA
2018 Job Posting Template - ADInformation Technology12/26/2018N/AVirginia Beach, VA
Administrative AssistantAdministrative02/11/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Application Support EngineerInformation Technology01/22/2019N/ANewport News, VA
Big Data EngineerInformation Technology01/29/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Business AnalystInformation Technology02/13/2019N/ACarnegie, PA
Communications Network Engineer -Mid (BREM)NGEN12/02/2018$67.5KBremerton WA
Communications Network Engineer -Mid NorfolkNGEN12/02/2018$67.5KNorfolk, VA
Communications Network Engineer -Senior Pearl Harbor HINGEN12/12/2018$86KPearl Harbor HI
CYBER SPECIALIST -SR Camp Lejeune NCInformation Technology12/18/2018CompetitiveCamp Lejeune
Data EngineerInformation Technology01/31/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Database AdminInformation Technology12/10/2018N/ARichmond, VA
Enterprise AdministratorInformation Technology02/08/2019N/ARichmond, VA
HR Specialist - ImmigrationHuman Resources02/11/2019N/ARichmond, VA
ISP/OSP Specialist Junior - Beaufort SCNGEN01/23/2019$36.8KBeaufort SC
ISP/OSP Specialist Junior - Pearl Harbor -HINGEN12/12/201839.3KPearl Harbor HI
ISP/OSP Specialist Mid - Panama City FLNGEN01/29/2019$61.6KPanama City FL
IT Procurement AnalystInformation Technology02/07/2019N/AChester, VA
IT Service Junior -SDCA North Island/Point LomaNGEN03/07/2018$49.9KSan Diego CA
IT Service Rep - Jr- AnacostiaNGEN12/03/201850KAnacostia (ALTN)(NSAH\FTME)
IT Service Rep - MID - Camp Smith HINGEN01/02/2019$73.7KCamp Smith HI
IT Service Delivery Tech Wanted! PAXRNGEN09/03/2018$68K to $72KPatuxent River MD (PAXR)
IT Service Junior -SDCA 32nd StNGEN03/07/2018$49.9KSan Diego CA
IT Service Rep JR -Mechanicsburg PA (MECH) Naval SupportNGEN12/04/2018$45.7Mechanicsburgh (MECH) PA
IT Service Rep JR -Newport (NWPT) RINGEN12/04/2018$49.5KNewport Naval Station Rhode Island
IT Service Rep JR -Pensacola (PNSC) FLNGEN12/04/2018$47.2KPensacola Naval Air Station, FL
IT Service Rep JR VA Beach (OCEN)NGEN01/22/2019$49.2KCamp Lejeune NC
IT Service Rep MID - China Lake CANGEN08/30/201863KChina Lake, CA
IT Service Rep MID - Lemoore -CA NGEN08/30/2018$65KLemoore CA
IT Service Rep - MID - Dahlgren VA (DLGR)NGEN01/22/2019$62.7KDahlgren VA
IT Service Rep - MID - Norfolk VANGEN01/09/2019$52KNorfolk VA
IT Service Rep - MID - Pearl Harbor HINGEN11/30/2018$73.7KBased out of Pearl Harbor
IT Service Rep - MID - Portsmouth NHNGEN11/30/2018$73.7KBased out of Pearl Harbor
IT Service Rep - Mid Pearl Harbor HINGEN01/31/2018$73.6KPearl Harbor HI
IT Service Rep - MID- AnacostiaNGEN12/03/201865KAnacostia Washington DC
IT Service Rep - MID- Newport RINGEN12/03/201865KNewport, RI
IT Service Rep -JR Bangor WANGEN12/03/201850KBangor Washington
IT Service Rep -JR Little Creek (NRFK) (2)NGEN11/30/2018$49.2KLittle Creek Va
IT Service Rep -JR Norfolk (NFSH) NGEN11/30/2018$49.2KNorfolk Naval Shipyard
IT Service Rep -JR Norfolk NAVAL (NRFK) (2)NGEN11/30/2018$49.2KNorfolk Naval Station
IT Service Rep JR Fallon NVNGEN12/21/2017CompetiveFallon NV
IT Service Rep JR Portsmouth NHNGEN01/29/2018CompetiveFallon NV
IT Service Rep JR San DiegoNGEN01/29/2018$51.8KSan Diego CA
IT Service Rep JR -China Lake CaliforniaNGEN12/04/2018$46.6KChina Lake, CA
IT Service Rep JR -Key West Fl.NGEN12/03/201852.3KKey West FL
IT Service Rep JR -Panama City FL (PNMA)NGEN01/22/2019$39KPanama City FL
IT Service Rep JR Ventura CA (Mugu) (Port Hueneme)NGEN01/28/2019$62KVentura CA
IT Service Rep Mid Fallon NVNGEN08/30/2018$60.9KFalon NV
IT Service Rep Phila-JuniorNGEN11/28/2018$51.8KPhiladelphia (PNBC/NAVICP)
IT Service Rep Phila-Junior LakehurstNGEN11/28/2018$51.8KPhiladelphia (Lakehurst)
IT SERVICE REP- MID PEARL HARBORNGEN06/07/2017CompetivePearl Harbor HI
IT Service Representative JR Anacostia DCNGEN12/21/2017CompetiveAnacostia DC
IT Service Representative - MID - San Diego CANGEN12/29/2018$63.6San Diego CA
IT Service Representative - MID - Whidbey Island WANGEN12/29/2018$63.6Whidbey Island WA
IT Service Tech - Senior Pearl Harbor HINGEN01/31/2018$98.4KPearl Harbor HI
IT SPECIALIST JR Camp LejeuneNGEN12/19/2017CompetiveCamp Lejeune NC
Java DeveloperInformation Technology01/14/2019N/ANorfolk, VA
Java DeveloperInformation Technology01/30/2019N/AMclean, Virginia
Java DeveloperInformation Technology02/15/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Java Developer - GuruInformation Technology01/29/2019N/AMclean, Virginia
Java Developer - GuruInformation Technology02/12/2019N/AMclean, Virginia
Junior Information Security AnalystInformation Technology02/04/2019N/ALynchburg, VA
Junior SEO AnalystMarketing12/28/2018N/ARichmond, VA
Junior Web DeveloperInformation Technology01/11/2019N/AVirginia Beach, Virginia
Mortgage Insurance ReviewerAdministrative12/19/2018N/ARaleigh, NC
NETOPS SPECIALIST LEAD MID Camp LejeuneNGEN01/23/2019$59.8KCamp Lejeune NC
NETOPS SPECIALIST LEAD MID Pearl HarborNGEN01/23/2019$85.7KPearl Harbor HI
NETOPS SPECIALIST SENIOR Norfolk VANGEN11/29/2018$55.2 hrNorfolk, VA
Network EngineerInformation Technology01/04/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Network Services AdministratorInformation Technology02/08/2019N/AChicago, Illinois
PROGRAMER - JR Camp LejeuneNGEN04/28/2018N/ACamp Lejeune NC
Salesforce DeveloperInformation Technology02/07/2019N/ARichmond, VA
SAP Plant Maintenance SpecialistInformation Technology02/04/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Scrum MasterInformation Technology02/15/2019N/AWilmington, DE
SEM AnalystMarketing02/11/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Senior Enterprise AdministratorInformation Technology02/01/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Senior Level ProgrammerNGEN04/28/2018N/AKansas City MO
Senior Software DeveloperInformation Technology11/29/2018N/ARichmond, VA
Senior Systems EngineerInformation Technology01/30/2019N/ANorfolk, VA
Senior Web DeveloperInformation Technology02/08/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Software EngineerInformation Technology02/13/2019N/ARichmond, VA
Software Quality Assurance AnalystInformation Technology12/07/2018N/ANewport News, VA
Sr. Database DeveloperInformation Technology01/10/2019N/ANorfolk, VA
SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Mid Camp LejeuneNGEN12/18/2018$65.3KCamp Lejeune NC
Systems Administrator MidNGEN07/26/2018$75 to $85Camp Lejeune NC
Systems AnalystInformation Technology01/09/2019N/ANorfolk, VA
Technical WriterInformation Technology02/13/2019N/ARichmond, VA
UI DesignerInformation Technology12/27/2018N/ARichmond, VA
UI DeveloperInformation Technology01/17/2019N/ANew York, New York
Windows System AdministratorInformation Technology12/10/2018N/ARichmond, VA
Windows Systems AdminInformation Technology02/04/2019N/ARichmond, VA
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